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Petkit Pura X Review

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This is a complete Petkit Pura X review including the pros and cons, along with some alternatives to consider.

Although we all know and adore cats, collecting their poop on a daily basis isn’t exactly fun. It’s also not good for our health or that of our pets. Due to its attractive appearance and small size, the Petkit Pura X Automated Litter Box has quickly become one of the most popular choices among cat owners when it comes to automatic litter boxes. The Petkit app may be used to operate this device, which delivers real-time updates regarding your cat’s activities as well as showing his or her weight! It also contains an automated odor elimination mechanism to take rid of the unpleasant stench left behind after your cat has gone potty.

Petkit Pura X Automatic Cat Litter Box

In development for 5 years, the Pura X is a Wi-Fi-enabled self-cleaning cat litter box that scoops kitty waste automatically. It’s a fantastic house accessory for any cat owner looking for a secure and sanitary litter tray for their feline kittens.

The Petkit Pura X uses the shifting method to scoop and separate clean litter from excrement using a specifically designed filter.

The cat waste is disposed of in the trash collection receptacle after each usage, leaving only clean litter for your pet. The Pura X litter box is equipped with a number of sensors for smart detection, remote notifications, and an accident prevention system.

Petkit Pura X Review: How does it work?

The cat litter is kept in the inner globe, and your cat uses it to do his/her necessities. The litter box has an OLED display panel that makes it simple to examine the status and data.

When your cat leaves the globe, the box starts counting down till the cleaning cycle starts.

During each cleaning, the globe rotates gently at an angle, pushing clean litter through a filter and into a side compartment, while clumped litter and solid waste fall through a hole into the trash bin, which is lined with a bespoke waste bag from Pet Kit.

After the waste has been put in a collection container, the inner globe gently returns to its original position, taking the unused litter back with it, ensuring that your pet has a clean litter bed ready for the next time.

The trash bin will fill up with clumped litter and solid waste, which you will have to clear once or twice a week, depending on how many cats you have and how often they use the cat box.

To dispose of the garbage, just open the drawer and tie up the waste bag before discarding it in the trash bin.

The Pura automated self-cleaning cat litter box is fitted with sensors that detect your cat’s presence and will not cycle when your cat is inside or close to the box for both safety and efficiency.

The Petkit Pura X also includes the Petkit app for smartphone management and monitoring, as well as real-time notifications on your cat’s litter box usage.

Petkit Pura X Review: Design

The design is fantastic! It appears to be superior to Little Robot 3. It is sleek, ergonomic, and space-saving. It’s attractive and looks like a miniature automated washing machine.

It is ideal for your home, especially if you like a minimalist interior design. The design is well-thought-out, and everything fits together seamlessly. Its filter is compatible with a variety of pet litters, but not crystal cat litter.

Product Name

PETKIT Pura X Automatic Cat Litter Box



19.84 x 20.94 x 25.42 inch. Weights 37.15 Pounds

Fits cats below 18lbs. Entrance diameter measurement: 8.66 inch. 

Waste collection bin: 7L

Filter Details

Special designed filter fits both plant litters and bentonite litters. And all other kinds of cat litters (except CRYSTAL CAT LITTERS).


Thermal sensor, infrared sensor, weight sensor, anti-pinch infrared sensors, smart detection, remote alerts


  • Odor control with modern built-in purifier

  • Two modes available: Auto-cleaning Mode/ Scheduled-cleaning Mode

  • Easy to clean

  • OLED display screen

  • Remote control and data monitoring through PETKIT App.

  • Six security measures to monitor the entry of cats and stop the machine for safety

Customer Ratings

4.2 out of 5 stars

Petkit Pura X Review: Performance

The Petkit Pura X litter box is an excellent automated cat litter box for households with feline residents. This self-cleaning cat litter box is meant to be extremely efficient while also being quite silent. The device functions smoothly with very little interaction from you, and it’s really effective at identifying pets, whether they’re inside or just nearby.

The infrared sensors are used for both your cat’s safety and the device’s efficiency. It is advised that you use only clumping litter in this cat litter box so that the clumps are filtered out each time your kitty uses it, leaving only new litter behind.

This cat litter box also includes built-in sensors that detect your cat’s weight when they enter the inner globe; this weight is shown on the device, as well as on the Petkit app. If you have many cats, you may keep track of their bathroom habits by weighing each one separately.

The Pura X self-cleaning cat litter box also has a deodorizing liquid to help reduce the amount of cat poop odor it emits, and it’s designed to spray a little quantity of the liquid after your pet has used it. However, this will not necessarily eliminate all odors, and you may aid by adding a deodorizer to the garbage bin. The sensor pad that comes with it is also useful for catching litter from your cat’s paws.

The device will also provide you information on how much trash is in it and when you need to add more. When adding litter to the box, take caution not to fill it over the maximum fill line, as this will interfere with the unit’s weight measurement and smooth cycling.

Petkit Pura X Review: How to use it?

The design and setup of this automated self-cleaning cat litter box is fairly straightforward.

It comes pre-assembled, making the entire setup procedure a breeze. It takes less than 10 minutes from the time you unbox it to the time you use it for the first time.

A full handbook with instructions on how to set it up is included in the package, as well as a QR code that can be scanned to see a step-by-step start-up video. Before using the unit for the first time, you must calibrate the internal scale.

This must be done when the device is still empty. After that, you’ll need to download the Petkit app and sign in. Setting up WiFi is likewise simple, however it only works on 2.4GHz.

The app allows you to customize the setting to improve your experience, and you can choose between the two cleaning modes; auto-cleaning mode and scheduled cleaning mode.

You can set the type of litter you’ll be using. As a piece of advice, ensure you never fill past the MAX line to prevent any weight-related errors (suggested max cat litter capacity in cylinder box is 5L). You can also set how often you want the unit to dispense the deodorizer.

Petkit Pura X: Cleansing and Maintenance

With only a few pieces, the Pura X automated litter box is simple to clean and maintain.

It’s crucial to undertake a thorough cleaning every now and again, and it’s simple to accomplish. But first, you’ll need to reduce the amount of litter in the unit to around 30% or less, as the unit will need to be empty for a deep clean.

While cleaning this robot is simple, you must be cautious to avoid getting water into the electrical components, which might cause the device to malfunction.

Using this in mind, the best approach to thoroughly clean the Pet kit Pura X is with a cloth bathed in a solution of warm water and detergent.

To clean it, remove the inner globe and wipe the entire device with a moist towel. Make sure the towel is completely dry by wringing it out.

To avoid any mistakes, clean the optical sensors carefully. Allow the device to dry once it has been thoroughly cleaned before assembling the pieces.

The Petkit Pura X litter box is composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials, and it operates quietly so your cats aren’t disturbed.

The cat litter box scoops up all solids and clumped litter and doesn’t leave any behind. It guarantees that no leftover waste is left within the machine as it cycles.

You may use whatever litter you choose instead of the one that comes with the package, but be sure to indicate that in the app so that the unit’s settings can be modified accordingly.

The app provides real-time notifications and updates regarding the device, as well as the ability to track how often your cats use it and when maintenance is required.

Some of these things, such as trash bags, kitty litter, and deodorizers, may need to be replaced at some point. You may use standard waste bags in place of the litter bags, and you can use any sort of litter in place of the tofu litter.

However, the manufacturer suggests that you use only Petkit’s deodorizer with this item and that any replacement deodorizer is from Petkit.

Petkit Pura X Review: Limitations

Although the Petkit Pura X is a fantastic gadget, it does have a few flaws that may put some people off. The first thing you’ll notice is the size of the box.

It’s not like a typical litter box, and it takes up a lot of space. It’s also rather tall, with a high aperture, requiring cats to be able to jump into the box to use it.

If your cat is unable to leap because they are too little or old, you may help them by purchasing a small stool that will allow them to enter the box without any difficulty.

The aperture is very narrow, making it difficult for larger cats to enter the globe comfortably.

The litter box also features a deodorizing chemical that is sprayed throughout each cleaning cycle to reduce unwanted odors. However, it isn’t totally effective, especially if you have numerous pets using it.

An extra deodorizer, such as the arm and hammer deodorizer, can be purchased and placed in the trash bin to assist neutralize unwanted odors.

Another issue is that the device keeps running after the 7L waste pan is full, causing it to overflow and dump cat excrement all over the floor.

To be fair, the Petkit app does tell you when the waste container is full and needs to be filled. Expect an ugly sight when you return home if you were away and were unable to immediately empty the rubbish container.

Finally, the Pet Kit has a tendency to clog up during spinning after a long period of time. Which is an indicator that it needs to be well cleaned, but it may be aggravating, especially because customer service isn’t very fast to respond, even with a one-year guarantee.

Other Options to Consider

Below are two more options with similar characteristics you can compare with.

CatGenie A.I. Self-Washing Cat Box

Though it may appear difficult to go lower maintenance than a typical self-cleaning litter box, the CatGenie has demonstrated that it is feasible. It’s the world’s first and only “self-flushing, self-washing” kitty box that doubles as a device and flushes like a toilet.

Urine drops into a container filled with sanitary solution once your cat leaves, and the litter is collected. All waste is flushed, and the unique litter is cleaned by itself with water and dried.

You won’t have to lift a finger to use this, but it will need to be linked to a water supply to function. One reviewer on the retailer’s site adds, “I enjoyed this product so much, I installed a second one!”

This will quickly become one of the pet items you won’t be able to imagine life without. You can check its price HERE.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

Litter-Robot was one of the first self-cleaning litter box manufacturers, and their 3 Connect is difficult to top. It sifts and filters the waste into a drawer for easy disposal after your cat does his business in this Wi-Fi-enabled box.

On the retailer’s site, the 3 Connect currently has over 8,700 reviews and a 4.5/5 rating, and it’s a good fit for the best overall choice in this category.

“The Litter-Robot has been an incredible game-changer,” one reviewer adds. There’s no need to deal with the clutter that comes with keeping an indoor cat. All you have to do is change the poop bag once a week and keep it topped off with litter. “It’s quite easy and straightforward!”

Is your cat refusing to use the litter box? You shouldn’t dismiss that as a possible cat health sign. You can check the price HERE.

Quick Comparison Table

PETKIT Pura X Litter Box

CatGenie A.I. Litter Box

Litter-Robot 3 Connect



19.84 x 20.94 x 25.42 inch.

19.25 x 17.5 x 21 x 24.5 inch.

24 x 24 x 34 inches


37.15 Pounds

35 Pounds

32 Pounds









Odor Control




App Control





  • Odor control

  • Quiet

  • Multiple cats

  • Sensors for safety

  • No maintenance

  • Low odor

  • Eco-friendly

  • No litter required

  • App Alerts

  • Wi-Fi-enabled

  • Multiple cats

  • Sleep mode


   4.2 out of 5 stars

4.1 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars


18-Months Guarantee

2-Year Warranty

36-Month Warranty

Petkit Pura X Smart Litter Box for Cat Including Wifi: Is it worth it?

Although the Petkit Pura X has its limitations, it is still a great automatic cat litter box, one of the best and top-selling on the market right now. In fact, all similar brands and models have their limitations too. But we believe that this one is one of the top choices. So, in conclusion, yes, we recommend it. 

Litter Robot vs Pura X

If you check the comparison table above, you will see that they are very similar, in fact, they have almost the same features. However, Litter-Robot has been on the market for longer, has more ratings, and has higher customer ratings (4.5 vs 4.2) than Pura X. 

What litter tu use with Petkit Pura X?

Petkit Pura X is compatible with multiple cat litters. Its specially designed filter fits both plant litters and bentonite litters. And all other kinds of cat litters (except CRYSTAL CAT LITTERS).

Thank you for reading our post. Feel free to share, leave comments or ask anything. 

Petkit Pura X Review: Pros and Cons

Here is a summary of the Pros and Cons of this item. Overall, it is a good purchase that will make your life easier.
  • Automated cat litter scooping
  • Uses IR sensors for cat detection
  • Cleaning cycle is quiet
  • Easy to set up, use and clean
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Compatible with multiple cat litters
  • Good for multiple cats
  • Connect to 2.4 GHz, not 5 GHz
  • The waste bin is rather small
  • Odor control is not very good
  • Opening might be too high for some cats
  • Sometimes the warning notification to clean might delay

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